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synergy vibrantly

After  changing an itinerant boy to sincere engineer, few days ago i joined a company "vibrant synergy solutions pvt ltd" as a sales engineer , company deals with HVAC- heating , ventilation and air conditioning which is a renowned dealer of a Indo-france company Cristopia Energy Systems a joint venture of Ciat France. now this all about the company info.
It is a quite challenging job as i never done a marketing in my life and this is a technical marketing father of all marketing but i do like challenges vis-a-vis new experiences. plethora of upcoming opportunities are still in a plate to serve.caduceus staff with crab attitude couldnt suppress me to explore in this atmosphere of high peer pressure to demise you, shows my unapologetic behavior to a bihari moron trying me to slash from the provided all the basic necessities - to live in a shelter gave 1bhk flat, to commute gave a bike with good giving mileage, t…