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An Adamant !!

After a gap of some days i started to pen down something , but since a hiatus of sabbatical taken doesn't allow me to pamper my mind to pen down something which is not necessary for over this period of time then a word strikes my mind ADAMANT!
Adamant means "Refusing to be persuaded or to change one's mind".
It can be understand  in a connotation  similar to YIN N YANG ( the famous Dark-bright side)
If you are refusing you to be persuaded to deflect, distract , divert from your dreams , goal you are one YANG side (which also means light and most important it is MASCULINE)
Another connotation is,  If you are refusing to change someone's mind to let them enjoys the sovereignty of his belief in what they are pursuing and instead mollycoddle his mettle to fulfill your vested interest, you are one on YIN side (which means Dark and saliently it is FEMININE)
So these two are complementary retreat adamant process we are discussing. Does it means a masculine approach is light si…