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Valentines Valedictory

Valentines day , we celebrate as a festival of love.
Some radicals called as westernization of festivals as its name is from St. valentines but every religion , in every aspect of life our elders , patrons teaches us to love , affection, and to share, transform within and with all. 

Everyone's has his own definition of love, but one can't define it completely. Every object needs support so as humans we always have a vacancy ready to be filled by a vacant partner only, astoundingly both vacant partners believe that they are now pack with no other desperate love atoms available for further reactions.- CHEMICAL definition of Love( Chemical Locha) 

If we realise that Love is really a waste of time , that our country's rich resource ' Demographic Divident' is wasting their talent in convincing the other vacant partner to fill their vacancy by another vacant partner.  Predicament of teenage to 20s.

Being a pragmatic doesnt make me anti-love , i have been in love for many yea…