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synergy vibrantly

After  changing an itinerant boy to sincere engineer, few days ago i joined a company "vibrant synergy solutions pvt ltd" as a sales engineer , company deals with HVAC- heating , ventilation and air conditioning which is a renowned dealer of a Indo-france company Cristopia Energy Systems a joint venture of Ciat France. now this all about the company info.
It is a quite challenging job as i never done a marketing in my life and this is a technical marketing father of all marketing but i do like challenges vis-a-vis new experiences. plethora of upcoming opportunities are still in a plate to serve.caduceus staff with crab attitude couldnt suppress me to explore in this atmosphere of high peer pressure to demise you, shows my unapologetic behavior to a bihari moron trying me to slash from the provided all the basic necessities - to live in a shelter gave 1bhk flat, to commute gave a bike with good giving mileage, t…

Caution!! Selfishness can Squander Success

"Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness".
Martin Luther King, Jr

I am neither  a cognizant nor a philosopher but a pragmatic guy who caries a potpourri observations.The secret behind the success is always remain a secret. every success story tells you a different lesson which can change your perception partially and can harm your prejudice. Some well know success secrets which is not actually a secret are - hard work, optimistic attitude, diligently doing , patience , perseverance, etc well you can rely in these but this will be a little gibberish for this mystifying muddle of thoughts. lets bolstered your perception to comprehend the secret. what is rationale to confabulate about this:-  For this , i would like to divert your attention to a veracity of victory. how can a selfishness be related to success i am sure this will bemused you. Well, it is true that it entirely depends on your behavior.…

Clasp China to conquer World..

We need a conation to clasp china. lets start statistically when both are at the same level. In 1975, India and china are at the same level of economy then china's growth journey incepted with prowess strenuously. If you grow at 9% p.a you will double your income in 8 years and when at 10% , you will binate it in just 7 years . China's total GDP increased sixteen fold  over the next 30 years. so it was 100 in 1975, it became 1600 in 2010. India being tardigrade at the start hoist with its own peckard. you will be surprised that it grew 5% over  14 years , 6 5 for next 10 years and 8% for last decade.So the income doubled in 14 years then again in 12 years and perhaps the next doubling will be in 9 years.India is at 800 compared it with China which is at 1600(approximately). Exact ration is amazing 4$trillion to 10$trillion. Now, these statistics fuels the perception of widespread  slower economical growth with serious lacking repercussions. you can quest me that why i am comp…

Trim your Tardigrade

A kosher known quote- Time n Tide waits for none.time is multitudinous matter, its usage is enduring but for the time being i'm heeding to the pace of our doing.
the motive behind in the time to duress is simple, to deactivate your delaying behavior which in turn harms you a lot esp in perlustration, when the clock is running off you had your agley that we are updated, we are intelligent.i had a very bad experience today when i missed my watch and the drat reasoning took the whole time albeit i knew the whole paper correctly i could"nt bequeath it. every failure teaches you a lesson , its upto you how your perception devising it.
its time to awake that if there are myriads par with you , your pace only can beat them "Even at the turning of the tide"..
This is for the ephebes.

passion of smoking....

This is the thing i have noticed in my very first day of mechanical engineering when a senior caught me and started ragging i refused his every order he is not a tough guy,after some time he offers me a puff again i refused by saying i dont smoke- he called me a lunatic you dont smoke,you learnt on this life.i draw a little attention- Why students smoke? i really didn't care about the friends who offers you a smoke- once you refuse but then you started from a single puff to an addicted smoker after some day when you addicted , you'll not remember the guys who's responsible for this state of hell- when your digestive system starts choking and pumping needs in every morning to shoot out the shit, that time you beg to some one who eviscerate this. A normal addicted guy spends each day a sum of rs 24 on smoke sometimes more than that of it - 24*365=8760 which is the avg consumption of a malnutrition child. this statics fuels the perception of widespread economical damage to so…


Few countries in the world exemplify this spirit as much as India. Unfortunately, very few countries in the world can also claim to exhibit the level of financial and economic disparity that India has.
In major population centres across India, the rich and poor live in such close proximity to each other that it almost feels as if they were deliberately promulgating the disparity that exist between the social classes.
India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, for example was recently criticised for building the world’s most expensive house in Mumbai named Antilia. Antilia is a private 27-storey building – valued at more than US$1 billion to construct – that towers over some of the city’s poorest slums.
According to Dean Nelson of the Telegraph, the number of multi-millionaires in India is also expected to triple in the next five years together with a “fivefold increase in net worth” for this elite group of Indians.
At the same time, India has one of the highest levels of poverty in the world…

v_taker n filter

Problem statement:-
Water is life, and without clean water, we cannot live. Water is a women's issue; all over the
World, women carry water to their families, and use water for cleaning and for growing food.
Now, when water quality and quantity are threatened by pollution and misuse, the need for
Clean and available water in the world is growing exponentially. Increasingly, women from
Many walks of life such as educators, artists, mothers, writers, doctors, agriculturalists,
Activists, scientist’s ‐‐ are addressing this issue. Thus it is a necessity in the rural areas to device
A technique to help them out of their drudgery. You need to design a highly economical, easy
To make and maintain device that can help women to carry water on head without tiring them
and providing them relief.
Solution to the problem
Our device can serve both the purpose i.e. to carry water and to filter. It can be the most economical and
easiest way which can help rural c…

Solar tower

The Solar Chimney

What!? A Solar Chimney? What does solar power have to do with Santa Claus? Read this lens to find out.Contents at a Glance
Solar Tower Power Stations
How a Solar Chimney Works
A Centuries Old Technology
The Solar Power Tower
Facts about the Solar Tower (Solar Chimney)
Solar Power Tower Animation

Contents at a Glance
Solar Tower Power Stations
How a Solar Chimney Works
A Centuries Old Technology
The Solar Power Tower
Facts about the Solar Tower (Solar Chimney)
Solar Power Tower Animation
The History and Use of Solar Towers
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Solar Tower Power Stations
A new solar technology clean energy solution is has been put to the test, and has been given the go-ahead for production in Australia.

This new solar power station is based on solar tower technology designed in Germany. The most fantastic thing about this new technology is…