passion of smoking....

This is the thing i have noticed in my very first day of mechanical engineering when a senior caught me and started ragging i refused his every order he is not a tough guy,after some time he offers me a puff again i refused by saying i dont smoke- he called me a lunatic you dont smoke,you learnt on this life.i draw a little attention- Why students smoke? i really didn't care about the friends who offers you a smoke- once you refuse but then you started from a single puff to an addicted smoker after some day when you addicted , you'll not remember the guys who's responsible for this state of hell- when your digestive system starts choking and pumping needs in every morning to shoot out the shit, that time you beg to some one who eviscerate this. A normal addicted guy spends each day a sum of rs 24 on smoke sometimes more than that of it - 24*365=8760 which is the avg consumption of a malnutrition child. this statics fuels the perception of widespread economical damage to society to yourself much time is wasted in smoking- 30min a day if he smoke 6 cigarates seeming that it'll settle his mind but the result averts him always.
i really hate smoker , he couldn't delimit himself smoking in a multitudinousness valorously.
i remember my Fathers words- if i adopt it passion is a smoking it couldn't able to build uo this empire.
A horse, a horse , my kingdom for a horse.


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