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Problem statement:-
Water is life, and without clean water, we cannot live. Water is a women's issue; all over the
World, women carry water to their families, and use water for cleaning and for growing food.
Now, when water quality and quantity are threatened by pollution and misuse, the need for
Clean and available water in the world is growing exponentially. Increasingly, women from
Many walks of life such as educators, artists, mothers, writers, doctors, agriculturalists,
Activists, scientist’s ‐‐ are addressing this issue. Thus it is a necessity in the rural areas to device
A technique to help them out of their drudgery. You need to design a highly economical, easy
To make and maintain device that can help women to carry water on head without tiring them
and providing them relief.
Solution to the problem
Our device can serve both the purpose i.e. to carry water and to filter. It can be the most economical and
easiest way which can help rural citizens out of their drudgery. The whole device is of bamboo sticks. Our
device is divided in to two sections- 1) to carry water 2) to filter.
Construction details:-
Ø Inlet section: - It starts from the centrifugal pump which provides suction in the inlet pipe so that
the water from the rivers, canals, can be easily entered in to the pipe and high pressure water
enters in to the device. A spring is also provided in the inlet leg so as to absorb the shocks while
Ø Filter section: - The delivery pipe of the pump is connected to the filter section from which the
impure water enters in to the filter section. Filter section is divided in two three chambers – grass
section, sand section and charcoal section.
It is a pure mechanical device that can be easily operated. The rotary motion of the centrifugal
pump can be achieved by the rotation of handle by woman this provides a centrifugal force in a
pump and the inlet pipe which is under water enters in to the chamber with a high pressure. The
delivery pipe of the pump is connected to the inlet pipe of the filter section. Then the impure
water with impurities travels in to the three chambers. The large impurities is entrapped by grass,
the small impurities which is left by the grass chamber travels in to the sand section where it
entraps some of the impurity at last the water passes from the charcoal chamber, it filters the
water and passes to the delivery pipe. The pure water can be taken out.
Why bamboo???
It is a home made pipe. We are making device which can serve its purpose in rural areas. So it
must be economical and the parts must have easily availability. Our whole device is hollow and
bamboo is the only wood which is hollow Bamboo internodes are usually hollow inside, which
form bamboo cavities. The nodes of the bamboo stem which blocks the cavity of the bamboo
stem can also be made hollow by applying drilling operations so that the whole stem can be
hollow which serves the purpose of a PVC pipes.
Why it serves both the purposes??
To carry water: - The whole device is made so that it can be carried easily on the shoulders from
the extended side(extended rightwards) of the inlet pipe of the centrifugal pump . As it contains
water within it so it can be used to carry water and the problem of women to carry water on the
head without tiring them can be solved.
To filter impure water: - Usually, water taken from the sources such as rivers, canals etc are
impure water and in rural areas there are not enough facilities to pure water. Thus this device can
filter the impure water while in the travelling time. Time taken by the device is 10-15 minutes to
filter the impure water and in this spam of time it can be transported to the destination. In the
filter section the grass we are using are any types of grass that can be easily available, sand, and
charcoal may be obtained from burned firewood.
Specifications, efficiency and cost:-
Diameter of the bamboo – 10-15 cm
Length of the inlet pipe – 100-120 cm
Height of the inlet leg from ground- 100- 110 cm
Total length of the filter section- 400- 420 cm
Volume of water carried and filtered out- 31.4litres – 72.45litres approximately
Efficiency: - 95- 97 %
The cost of whole device goes to 400-600 rs
Bamboo is mostly available free of cost, the only cost is cost of centrifugal pump.
Areas of improvement:-
The bamboo stems can be replaced by the PVC pipes as it is also easily available but it can make
device costlier than present and it is also light weight.
The work done to rotate the pump can be replaced by planting a flywheel of bicycle and
connecting it to the chain of bicycle as we pedals the bicycle the pump also starts rotating. It also
gives more efficiency than present device.


  1. Sounds like one of the more advanced inlet filters out there. Thanks for sharing about it.


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