Sacrifice to succeed

Sacrifice to succeed :-

After 2  year i am writing a blog , hiatus is over and i am 2 year better than before.

Lets starts with famous proverb that " To gain something , you have to loose something "
Agree, but sacrifice is something you can't retreive it back , so its quite far more than loosing something bcz in later atleast you are gaining something. Why it has become so neccesary that you have to wage a thing?
Possibilities of failures in any test in the world increases if it is associated with the risk , risk of not succeding. Not always optimistic approach works , you need to be Anti-Poasitive as  positivism implies absolute uncertainty about facts which are not certain, which makes you more rigid.
So, how does sacrifice helps-
The things which are to be sacrificed are the hurdles in your race , you have to cross over , the moment you indulge into that thing , the thing will not permit you to cross and you will going to dis-qualified from the race and hence tastes the failure and this is contagious.
Sacrificial things are hard to identify but once you get rid of that , you are just a step ahead of your dream.
None can fulfill your dream except you, so chase it , cross the hurdles - sacrifice them and wins the race- succeed.
 " कहीं  पहुचने के लिए कहीं से निकलना पड़ता है "


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