Incredible India

My previous blog was Impoverished India, which highlighted the how British emptied India's wealth and economically deprived they left us but in just 69 years we have reached to Mars in just 2.3Rs/Km.
On this 69th Independence day i throw a light only in the achievements and India-UK relations who ruled us for 200 years.

  • India’s nominal GDP crossed $2tn in 2014, according to the World Bank. After taking 60 years to reach $1tn, it added the next trillion in just seven years.
  • The IMF World Economic Outlook Update retained India's growth projection at 7.5% this year, higher than China's 6.8%. It forecasts India as the world’s fastest growing economy, for the second consecutive year in 2016 at 7.5 %.
  • India's share in UK's total trade is 2.8% in 2015 where as UK' share in India's trade is merely  1.88%.( Clearly signify who feeds who).
  • 2012/13 Inward Investment Annual Report India has 89 FDI projects in the United
    Kingdom which created 7,255 jobs during 2012-13. As per this Report, India is the
    fifth largest investor in the UK.

  • India is the second largest source of students in UK.
They still depend on us , that itself make us proud.

    1. The UK is Indian businesses location of choice, of the 1200 Indian companies in the EU, 700 are in the UK.
    2. The UK is the third largest foreign investor in India after the US and Japan.
    3. India is the 3rd largest investor in the UK.
    4. Indian company Tata became the UKs biggest manufacturer in 2011 as owner of companies like Jaguar Landrover, Corus and Tetley Tea. (Disclosure: Tata is an Edelman India client)
    5. In 2011, UK India Bilateral trade grew by 26% bringing the total to £16.4 bn. UK exports to India also increased, in 2011 by 29% making India the UK’s largest non EU market.
    6. When looking for a base outside of India the first choice for purchasing a second home is London.
    7. 2% of the UK population is of Indian descent and produces 5% of UK GDP.
    8. This year’s London Olympics have also been heavily influenced by India through the design, funding of the Orbit Tower.
  • The co-investments made by both countries in supporting joint research
    activities has increased from £1 million in 2009 to over £150 million as on date
  • Today the UK is the 3rd largest inward investor in India, after
    Mauritius and Singapore with a cumulative equity investment of US $ 20,759mn.

    If we have done this in just 69 years, after they have left us to rags , can we not achieve our developed status by 2020. जय हिन्द जय भारत!




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