Pathetic Procession

Lord Ganesh being the first worship God begins the festive season of 10 days of fervor celebrated with great pomp and show across the globe by Hindu communities. It was around 1893 , Bal Gangadhar Tilak , who nationalized this festival with the motive to restore cultural balances and indomitable spirit of Hinduism .The festival facilitated community participation and involvement in the form of learned discourses, dance dramas, poetry recital, musical concerts, debates, etc. It served as a meeting place for common people of all castes and communities, at a time when all social and political gatherings were forbidden by the British Empire for fear of conspiracies to be hatched against them.
In 21st century the grim reality is that its purpose is defeated, now a days different samiti’s are engaging this festivals by collecting donation forcefully from all the nearby colonies, merchants so as to devolve receipts in to a making pandals, procession , Idol, decoration , etc.
People taking procession in a pathetic manner, that funds are utilizing in alcohols , Dj’s , playing placards in Pandals ,DJ’s playing the Item numbers behind the Ganesh Idols , peoples are dancing under the influence of alcohol creating chaos and chock a block in roads disturbing the society, waging the cultural values thereby indulging in the vandalism and hooliganism.
The grave impact of the festival on the atmosphere is due to the immersion of idols made of Plaster of Paris into various sources of water including sea, lakes, rivers etc. It takes place on the last day of this festival. With the contamination of water sources which affects the environment, the floras and faunas are also hugely affected as lakes and rivers are used by them for water sources.
The gravest impact is that they are not restoring the culture but harming the cultural ingenuity.


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