Caution!! Selfishness can Squander Success

"Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness".
Martin Luther King, Jr

I am neither  a cognizant nor a philosopher but a pragmatic guy who caries a potpourri observations.The secret behind the success is always remain a secret. every success story tells you a different lesson which can change your perception partially and can harm your prejudice. Some well know success secrets which is not actually a secret are - hard work, optimistic attitude, diligently doing , patience , perseverance, etc well you can rely in these but this will be a little gibberish for this mystifying muddle of thoughts. lets bolstered your perception to comprehend the secret.
what is rationale to confabulate about this:- 
For this , i would like to divert your attention to a veracity of victory. how can a selfishness be related to success i am sure this will bemused you. Well, it is true that it entirely depends on your behavior.One of my  friend - very talented , intelligent , superstitious too, malevolent guy , he worship  daily 2 hours to get his luck in favor of him, his astrologer family still in a dilemma  that how he consistently failing albeit he works for it, his group less intelligent than him all are placed in MNCs. What you thinks about others ,this can happen to you only bcz what we think the universe is starting attracting. he is a very selfish guy and always anticipate that his friends couldn't surpassed him, this selfish attitude is the only reason for his squander. he solemnly very happy when i fails. 
your luck always depends on your work and your inherent vision.- Luck only favors for those who believe in team work and work in a altruism.


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