Trim your Tardigrade

A kosher known quote- Time n Tide waits for none.time is multitudinous matter, its usage is enduring but for the time being i'm heeding to the pace of our doing.
the motive behind in the time to duress is simple, to deactivate your delaying behavior which in turn harms you a lot esp in perlustration, when the clock is running off you had your agley that we are updated, we are intelligent.i had a very bad experience today when i missed my watch and the drat reasoning took the whole time albeit i knew the whole paper correctly i could"nt bequeath it. every failure teaches you a lesson , its upto you how your perception devising it.
its time to awake that if there are myriads par with you , your pace only can beat them "Even at the turning of the tide"..
This is for the ephebes.


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