Clasp China to conquer World..

We need a conation to clasp china. lets start statistically when both are at the same level. In 1975, India and china are at the same level of economy then china's growth journey incepted with prowess strenuously. If you grow at 9% p.a you will double your income in 8 years and when at 10% , you will binate it in just 7 years . China's total GDP increased sixteen fold  over the next 30 years. so it was 100 in 1975, it became 1600 in 2010. India being tardigrade at the start hoist with its own peckard. you will be surprised that it grew 5% over  14 years , 6 5 for next 10 years and 8% for last decade.So the income doubled in 14 years then again in 12 years and perhaps the next doubling will be in 9 years.India is at 800 compared it with China which is at 1600(approximately). Exact ration is amazing 4$trillion to 10$trillion. Now, these statistics fuels the perception of widespread  slower economical growth with serious lacking repercussions. you can quest me that why i am comparing this with China only, why not with other asians country this is bcz i want to unveil the common perception of indians that we are backward bcz of our population many still believes this is a blessing in disguise. With more than 50 % of the population below the age of 23 and 65% below 35 and average age of 10% of the Indians is 29 whereas the avg age of Chinese and japanese is 37 and 48 respectively. India's current population is  1.22 billion and that of China is 1.36 billion .
Now to clasp up now in the next 20 years India would have to grow 3.5 % faster than china's present growth rate(keeping it constant). it seems to be quasi- impossible but India can do it , but how ?? as Markandey Katju(chairman,PCI) quoted that 90% Indians are fools bcz of our impracticalness in spirituality and obsession with cricket rather than poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, etc.  

What we can do to clasp up? 

 Growing breakneck will require perseverance and clear objective.India has to choose employability enhancement rather than job protection, Industries are growing thunderously providing oppurtunites for your ephebes to take part in fostering growth. Our primary and ancestral growth object i.e. agriculture, young peoples neednt to be ashamed of doing work in agricultural lands and fields as this tool can tailor us.
Selfishness is to be squander from the soul of the peoples , you will not grow independently the power of group intensified  growth in a better perspective  .


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